Is the Premier League the Best League in the World?

One of the most competitive league in the world, Premier League is often argued as the best league because of the uncertainty in the every match. You can’t predict the winners, and you can see a different table at the end of the season every year. Liverpool had astonishing 19 titles before going into the title drought for 28 years and are still not able to end the drought. Manchester United got their 20th title in 2012/13 season breaking the Liverpool record, but they are struggling to make it to the 21st title.

Every year you have almost a different winner. Who in the earth had ever imagined that Leicester who battled for relegation in 2014/15 will be the Premier League Champions in 2015/16 against the odds of 5000/1? Chelsea, who struggled to stay in the top 10 last year and were compelled to sack their manager, are in the top of the league and are almost sure of lifting the Premier League title.

When you are watching a league, you are bored if you see the same team winning the title every year, but the case is different in the Premier League. Not only for the title, but also for the top four positions or top seven positions there is huge competition, and you are entertained till the end of the season. Every team can outperform the other one, and it happens every week. Today, Arsenal were surprisingly beaten by West Bromwich Albion affecting their top 4 chances. This uncertainty on matches keeps the Premier League interesting right till the last match week. The nail-biting finishes in the matches, the point gap in the table, and the change in the positions every week shows how competitive Premier League is.

Claudio Bravo tackling Wayne Rooney on Manchester Derby!

Another factor that makes the Premier League the best league is different big team rivalries. You have so many different rivalries and derby matches that are so fierce and have more significance than normal matches. Manchester derby, the battle between two big clubs to claim the bragging rights all over Manchester. The rivalry between the two most successful English clubs Manchester United and Liverpool is one of the biggest rivalries in club football as United ended the Liverpool monopoly on English League and bagged 13 Premier League titles to break the long-standing record of Liverpool; similarly, Arsenal-Liverpool, Arsenal-Chelsea, Liverpool-Everton, Manchester United-Newcastle United, Tottenham-Chelsea, and Chelsea-Westham United are some of the fiercest derbies in the Premier League.

The high tempo of the game, higher player fitness, and more physical style of play are the other reasons for the attraction of football fans from all over the world. The financial side of the Premier League has been able to attract the huge number of foreign players, making it the home of European football.

But if the Premier League was the best league in the world, why aren’t the English teams not getting much of success on the European platform? The English teams have won total of 12 Champions League while the Spanish teams (only Barcelona and Real Madrid) have won 16 Champions League. In recent years, the statistics are even weaker, the English Clubs have failed to reach the finals of the Champions League for 4 straight years which is highly dominated by Spanish giants-Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Last English Team to Win Champions League! Chelsea: 2011/12 Season

This year Leicester are the only English club left in the Champions League continuing their fairy-tale, but it would be harsh to expect them to reach the final beating the European giants. The likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool are the only present Premier League clubs to have won the Champions League, and they weren’t even qualified for the Champions League spot. Arsenal have always struggled with Champions League and were thrashed out by German Champions. Pep’s Manchester City failed to qualify for the quarter-finals losing against French club AS Monaco.

Does the quality of the Premier League teams not match the likes of the other European giants? Is the higher dynamic style of play in the Premier League affecting the performance of the Premier League teams on an international level?

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