An Unsung Hero: Michael Carrick’s Testimonial

Michael Carrick is not supposed to be the best English midfielder of his era, overshadowed by the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, and Paul Scholes. But, the Manchester United midfielder is obviously one of the most underrated players in the Premier League. The former West Ham player has offered a great service from the heart of the midfield in different Premier League teams.

Starting his career in West Ham United, he played 5 years for West Ham but didn’t get much success in his days at the club. He then played for Spurs for two years.  His dedication and presence in the midfield were soon recognized by Sir Alex Ferguson who brought him to the Manchester United for the fee of £18.6m. Since then, he has been controlling the matches for Manchester United from the center of the pitch.

Although he hasn’t been selected for most of the matches this year by Jose preferring the Pogba-Herrera duo, he has taken part in some important games and the win percentage of the Manchester United is high with Carrick on the team.

Even though he plays as a deep-lying midfielder, he is someone more than a ball winning midfielder. Along with his defensive skills, his reading of the game, creativity, his range of passing has made him one of the best of his type.

Played 120 mins and slotted his penalty! Champions League Final! Source:Daily Mail

Much of the success came for Carrick during his time in Manchester United. He formed a great pair with Paul Scholes during his early days and is still serving the Manchester United to his best of the capabilities. He has won 5 Premier League titles, an FA cup, two League cups, a FIFA club world cup, and UEFA Champions League with Manchester United.

Current manager Jose recently said on Carrick for not playing him every match,”It’s a pity he is not 25. It’s a pity you can’t stop the clock. In five years Messi will be 34 and we will all be crying that he is 34. Michael is a very good player and one who will be very difficult to replace.


Michael Carrick has been a phenomenal player for Manchester United spending more than a decade, and Carrick testimonial is going to be played on Sunday, June 4 for his service for 11 years.
Sir Alex who has been called for the managerial job on the testimonial had his say on Carrick: “His character has always been absolutely outstanding. He’s a football man and that character, plus his ability, made him a certainty to be a big success here.”

Managers for Michael Carrick’s Testimonial! Sir Alex and Harry Redknapp

Sir Alex Ferguson will manage the Manchester United 2008 XI for Michael Carrick’s testimonial which will include the players of Champions League winning team, and Harry Redknapp, who managed Carrick on West Ham United, will be in charge of Carrick’s All Star XI which will include former England colleagues like Gerrard, Lampard, and Owen. All the money collected from his testimonial will go to Michael Carrick Foundation.

The stage is going to be set, and if all the prospected players manage to come, it’s really going to be a great match.
Thank You, Michael Carrick- An unsung hero behind Manchester United’s success!

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