Ronaldinho: Childhood Hero of Every 90’s Kids

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira a.k.a. Ronaldinho has been a childhood hero and an inspiration to thousands of youths. Ronaldinho mesmerized everyone with his beautiful skills and was the reason behind thousands of people to fall in love with this beautiful game of football.

Ronaldinho representing Brazil!
P.C. The Sun

Brazil has always been the source of the greatest footballers, and he is one of them. Two times FIFA World Player of the Year and a Balon d’Or winner had unparalleled skills, and not many can even think of doing things he did with his ever smiling face. The best of his career moments came when he played for Barcelona, where he scored 94 goals in 207 matches in all competition. Ronaldinho received a standing ovation from the Real Madrid’s fans when he played the most beautiful match of his career demolishing the Real Madrid’s defense and scoring two beautiful goals.

Some of his skills: (Source: Youtube Channel: FEEL MY STYLE)


But, to judge him with his numbers of goals will not be justifiable, as he was something more than that. The vision he had, the creativity he showed on the football field with his pace, agility, technical skills, ball control, and dribbling was impeccable, and these attributes made him one of the best of his era. Ronaldinho, with his passing and vision, created lots of goal scoring passes and assists throughout his career and is hailed as one of the best assist men in the football.

Ronaldinho is the masterclass on showing skills and of his best skills, ‘Elastico’ or ‘Snake’ was the one he often used which is considered as one of the hardest and trickiest skills in football.

The World cup winner Ronaldinho also enjoyed a beautiful international career and has been idolized as one of the best ever Brazillian to play football.

The legacy he transferred to Lionel Messi in Barcelona is unforgettable. He was the one to provide assist to Messi’s first ever Barcelona goal, and everyone knows the rest of the story which will be the part of the history for thousands of years to come.

Messi after scoring his first ever goal on Ronaldinho’s assist! P.C. 101 great goals

“Before leaving the club [Ronaldinho] was coming off a few months where he was thinking about things. He had it in his mind that he was leaving and he told me to have his number. I took it without looking at what he had done with the shirt. If I did, I would not have taken it.”

-Messi on inheriting Ronaldinho’s No. 10 (Interview Barca TV)

I don’t consider myself the greatest player in Barcelona’s history because I know it’s Ronaldinho. I still remember that he was the one who assisted my first ever Barcelona goal. He wasn’t simply passing the ball, he was passing the torch to me.

-Messi on the greatest player in Barcelona’s history

Ronaldinho was fan’s favorite, and he was probably the dearest enemy even to the opponents. The character and humbleness he showed with his ever smiling face made it hard for the people to hate him. Players like Ronaldinho comes once in a generation, but they stay in the history books forever.

Thank you, for the beautiful memories Ronaldinho, the ever smiling attacker!


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