Can Argentina Without Messi Qualify For World Cup 2018?

Lionel Messi, definitely the best player in the world, has been imposed a 4-match FIFA ban on competitive international matches. Lionel Messi was seen having some rough words for the assistant referee in the match against Chile as he was fouled too many times in the match.

Although assistant referee said that he didn’t hear anything from Messi, FIFA inspected the event and put a ban of 4-matches over Lionel Messi. That means Messi is going to miss 4 out of 5 World Cup qualifying matches. In spite of being packed with star players, Argentina struggles to perform without Messi.

Argentina lost against Bolivia 2-0 without Messi! P.C. FIFA

Argentina lost to Bolivia in the very first match after Messi got banned, and Argentina after the match is currently positioned to 5th place in the table. Only four teams are directly qualified for the World Cup with the fifth team having to pass through inter-confederation play-off slot.

It’s obvious that team that has a habit to play with the best player on the pitch will struggle without him. Argentina needs to play without Messi against Uruguay, Venezuela, and Peru. Can Argentina be able to qualify for the World Cup in Russia?

Argentina in World Cup 2018?

World Cup 2018 without Messi will be the biggest headline grabber and it will be a shock not to see the finalist of World Cup 2014 be the part of the World Cup. Argentina is fighting with Columbia, Uruguay, Chile, and Ecuador for the World Cup qualification as Brazil sets to be the only confirmed member from CONMEBOL. Argentina has lost the crucial points against the team at the bottom of the table and needs to play against big teams like Uruguay and Ecuador.

The absence of Messi has played a crucial part in the dramatic World Cup 2018 qualification in South America. Argentina has only grabbed seven out of 21 points in the qualifying matches without Messi. The only defeat with Messi in the team came against Brazil; otherwise, Argentina has collected 15 out of 18 points with Messi in the team.

*doesn’t include the match against Bolivia which Argentina lost 2-0. P.C.

This is really a heartbreaking news for both Messi and Argentina as FIFA ban has come in the worst possible time for Messi and Argentina.

Wold Cup 2018 without Messi is something unthinkable! 

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