Wayne Rooney- The Downfall of English and Manchester United Legend?

Wayne Rooney, the name in English football, which will be remembered for years to come. Rooney has been the first choice striker for England National Team and Manchester United for more than a decade, and he has earned that place with his consistent performance.

Rooney currently holds the record for most goals in Manchester United shirt as well as in his national side. Rooney broke the goal-scoring record for Manchester United in January scoring 250 goals in 546 appearances, the record previously held by Sir Bobby Charlton. Rooney also broke the goal-scoring record for England scoring his 50th goal against Switzerland in September 2015.

But, the current Manchester United and England captain is having hard times getting his name in the starting XI. Rooney, 31, has been benched for most of the club games by Jose Mourinho this season which must have been really hard for the record holding striker. But, has he lost that insight for the goals? Let’s have a look at this season stats:

*Euro Cup is not included.
Data Source: ESPN FC

Out of 28 Premier League matches, he has played only 18 of them, and on half of them, he came as a substitute. So, it’s obvious that Rooney is getting dropped from Premier League matches like never before in his career. Rooney has played a part in only 7 goals, and 5 of them coming as assists. He made four appearances in League Cup without any goals and assists and also missed the final which saw United lift the League Cup.

Rooney has played most of the Europa league matches¬†and has been part of 5 goals in 5 appearances. Rooney played two FA cup matches taking part in two goals and missed the quarter-final against Chelsea which ended the United’s defense of FA cup.
When we look at overall performance, in 32 matches he has played part in 16 goals for country and club.

Rooney watching his team play as he warms up to enter as a substitute. P.C. The Sun

Of course, Rooney is not as good as he was 3 or 4 years ago, but it’s not the end of the Rooney. It’s football and it happens with every player. And, that’s what happened to Rooney, he doesn’t have the speed he had 3 or 4 years ago. The leadership and experience he has are the assets to any footballing team. He has seen everything, he has experienced everything. He has seen the best days, and he has also gone through the worst.

Rooney has been snubbed for many matches, but still, he’s not searching for the alternatives. He’s not searching for some easy moves and end earning millions in some part of China. He’s fighting for his club, he’s fighting for the position. He’s ready for coming in the 90th minute to save a match for his team, and he’s also ready to be an unused substitute if team’s gonna win. He’s not someone who plays for himself, he plays for the team. His experience and leadership are valuable assets to both Manchester United and England.

P.C. Sky sports

Rooney is going to play at any position his coach wants him to. He has played at different positions throughout his career. He can come back to defend and save a goal, and he can score a goal and give a lead to the team.He is everywhere when his team needs him. He can provide assists, he can play long balls, he can take set-pieces, and he has been doing that for more than a decade. His experience and leadership skills are valuable assets to both Manchester United and England.

You can say Rooney is getting old, but you can’t say his career has ended. He is not going to demand his place for granted. He will fight for the place, and he will always be there when his team needs him. There’s still years of football left in him, and he’s not among those players who will quit.

Remember the name, Wayne Rooney!

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