Sergio Ramos: The Savior, The Best of His Era

Sergio Ramos, who now has turned 31, is undoubtedly the best defender of his time. The Spanish defender has won everything a footballer can win as a team. His title collection is the embodiment of what player he has been for his team. He has been a World Cup winner and has won 3 consecutive major competition with Spain in 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Real Madrid defender has presented himself at his best every time his team needs him and has also been one of the most prolific goal-scoring defenders. His goals don’t come at the ordinary times, and he has proved that time and again. He has been a true leader inspiring his team right from the back with his ability in the defense to the opposition’s goal.

Feliz Cumpleaños El Capitán!

Who can forget how he snatched the title from Atletico Madrid with a bullet header coming from nowhere in the last seconds of the match? Ramos also scored in the final after 2 years against the same opposition to win his second Champions League title and 11th for the Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos has scored 10 goals this season, and all of them coming at a crucial time for Real Madrid either resulting in the last minute equalizer or win. The one against Barcelona on December came at the last minute which was crucial to maintain the title race. It’s really hard to stop Sergio Ramos from registering his trademark header in the last couple of minutes of the game(Fergie time at Manchester United). He has saved Real Madrid many time this season, and many times throughout his career.

Credit: MadridistaTV Youtube Channel

Sergio Ramos has been in the FIFA Pro World XI for the sixth consecutive times and that’s enough to prove how crucial his role in the team is. He creates his own wall of defense other than keeper which makes strikers really difficult to beat the defender and score a goal. His defensive skills are hailed by many, and it can’t be justified with a couple of words. He has been a savior for his team, either with the goal-saving tackles and interceptions at the back or with his header on the opposition’s goal. How great it feels to a keeper and the whole team to have such a player in the defense?

Real Madrid is set to have a tough time in the April with lots of big matches in their fixtures as they play Atletico Madrid in the La Liga, Bayern Munich in the Champions League(2 times, Home and Away), and El Clasico in the La Liga.  within the time span of 14 days.

Real Madrid is now at the top of the table in La Liga. So, all of these matches are crucial to keep their journey alive for the La Liga title and the Champions League title. As always, the skipper Sergio Ramos will be the crucial player, and you wouldn’t be surprised to see some headers from him to save Real Madrid.

Happy Birthday, Sergio Ramos!
Thanks For the Entertaining Football! #VamosRamos


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