Never Ending Debate: Messi or Ronaldo?

One day you see Messi, the other day you see Ronaldo, the best players in the world.

Messi and his Barcelona being abandoned by Neymar were supposed to see the downfall. But, it’s Messi, and how can you even doubt the talent of such astonishing human who has been in the Baloon d’Or podium for 10 years in a row winning half of it.

It was the first big test of the season for Barcelona against Juventus. And, there came the rescue-man for Barcelona. Messi proved why he is constantly being referred to as the best player in the world with a brace against Buffon and also creating the goal for Ivan Rakitic. Both goals were world class, well can be better said Messi-class.

After a one-two with Suarez, it was all about Messi to get past the Juventus defenders and Buffon for his first goal.

The second goal was even better. After a brilliant pass from Iniesta, Messi ran into the d-box as if there were no defenders and scored in the bottom right corner.

And, one day later after Messi caught all the headlines, Ronaldo scored a brace against Apoel. Well, everyone knows Juventus is far better opponent than Apoel, but it was enough to raise the heat between Messi and Ronaldo fans.

Ronaldo scoring the first goal of the Champions League with many to come later in the season.

And, this rivalry will continue until they step out of the football field forever. And as a football fan, I will never want that to happen.

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