Gianluigi Buffon Retirement

One of the most decorated footballers in history, Gianluigi Buffon is set to retire after the World Cup campaign 2018. Not many have such an illustrious career that lasts for more than 20 years, and no one can win the award of FIFA BEST Goalkeeper award in his 23rd year of professional football.

Still performing in his prime, he is the first choice of the Serie A giants Juventus and his national team Italy. The World Cup winner has won every accolade in football except the Champions League reaching the final two times in the last three years. There are countless numbers of awards won by the maestro and is undoubtedly one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

Champions League is the only thing the maestro miss from his illustrious career, and this has been the inspiration for him to continue playing for his club.

The Beast!

“This is my last season and I’m pretty convinced with the decision I have taken,” Buffon toldĀ Sky Sport Italia. “More than anything, I am a serene person in that I have no fear for the future and what could be my life.

“I am facing it and I will face it with the desire and enthusiasm to put myself to the test. As a consequence, playing on for one or two more years would not take anything away from or add anything to what I have already done.

“Like with everything, I look for a reason, and the only reason [to continue] would be winning the Champions League. At that point, I would like to try to win the Club World Cup, and maybe [Wojciech] Szczesny would let me play one game.

“But I think that, with a goalkeeper like him behind you, it’s normal that I step aside from next year.”

Well, personally as a football fan, I’ll be really sad to see him retire. Such player comes once in a generation, and I feel lucky to have watched his later part of the career.

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