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Four Weeks of Club Football Without Leo Messi

And, too busy being mesmerized by the charisma of the little magician, we forgot that Lionel Messi can get injured too. Lionel Messi had to leave the pitch just after 25 minutes during the La Liga match against Sevilla after suffering an injury in his right hand. And guess what? He still ends up getting a goal and an assist.
How many seasons in a row has Messi been in the peak of his powers? Every season he mesmerizes everyone with his genuine footballing talent, whether it be 40 yards lofted chip pass out of nowhere or dribbling past the defenders to score a beauty with his sweet left foot. How many times does he do that and how simple he makes it look? Leo will play a game at an average level and will still stand out the best among all.
Players like him not being in the scene for four weeks is a loss to the footballing world. Every minute he spends on the pitch, there are thousands and millions of people around the world who forget every single thing going on in their life. For 90 minutes, there is sheer joy and entertainment every time he touches the ball. Some call him “Medicine Man”, some call him “entertainer”, whatever you call him, you are not going to see that guy play forever, and you are not going to see any other guy like this in your lifetime. This is the player you’ll talk about all your lifetime, these are the stories you will say to your kids and grandkids.
Whatever is left in him, we have the only chance to enjoy it right now. Someday he will walk off that pitch like he did last Saturday, and then he will never return back. Even the thought of not seeing Messi again in the pitch is so terrifying.
Oh, Messi! Get Well Soon!

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